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How to Make Mowing Patterns

Have you been jealous of your neighbor’s striped patterns yard? Do you want to learn how to trim stripes in the grass? If so, this article is for you! You can make those eye-catching patterns for your yard by yourself. All you have to do is to follow the following tips and tricks to create astonishing patterns by yourself!

Mowing Stripes

Grass stripe patterns might give you the idea that they are made by cutting the grass at various height or planting several sorts of seed, but that’s not the case. The reflection of sunlight on different angles of the grass blades creates the stripe patterns. Since the grass bends at diverse angles, it mirrors the sun and diversely making stripe patterns.

Yard Patterns Are All about Reflection 

When the grass blades bend away from you, the grass color appears to be lighter in color. This phenomenon is due to the light reflecting off on the broad part of the mowing edge. The exact opposite happens when the grass bends towards you. The color will appear darker in color since you will be looking at the tips of the sharp edges and the shadow under the grass.

If you take a look at it from various directions, those light and dull stripes will look the opposite. There are approaches to improve the patterns, just as numerous mowing patterns to try. Use the tips and tricks below to achieve the lawn pattern that you want your yard to have.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Looking Mowing Patterns 


  • Cut Your Grass Taller

The secret to making darker yard stripes is mowing the grass taller. This trick gives the edges greater adaptability to twist. Short sharp edges will pop right back upright. Indeed, even a small quantity can have a perceptible effect. Going from 2″ to 2.5″ or from 3 ” to 3.5″ can make an immense impact on the grass stripe pattern intensity. It also lessens how regularly you should cut your grass.

  • Use Hardscape Features as Your Guide

Utilize a walkway, garage, or different hardscapes in your yard as a guide to help keep your grass cutting lines straight.

  • Get a Lawn Roller

The simplest method to strengthen the stripe is to twist the grass further. The most exemplary approach to do that is to truly reach it with a roller and press it to the ground. You can utilize a striping unit for your trimmer or a roller.

  • Cool Season Grasses Are Best

Certain types of grass twist easier and can give a superior stripe design. Cool-season grasses are the species that will yield the best patterns. Warm-season grasses (found in the southern locales of the United States) are more inflexible and harder to twist.

  • Position of the Sun Affects the Appearance of the Pattern

Grass striping patterns may appear to be more intense at different times and in various light levels. When the sun is behind you, you will see a more exceptional stripe design.

Want to Achieve that Stylish Mowing Pattern?

Creating a mowing pattern can be easy, and you can do it by yourself too. However, if you’re too busy or you don’t have the time and energy to deal with this task, you can always count on us! Reach out to us, and we will help you attain the mowing pattern you have in your mind.

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