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Lawn Service San Antonio

Don’t have the time that’s needed to look after your lawn or outdoor space? Well, that’s something that our service can help with. We provide a range of lawn care and other outdoor maintenance services designed to help you keep your yard or outdoor landscape looking great, even if you don’t have the time. A well maintained yard or lawn can be great for the curb appeal of your home. So, if you want to keep your home looking great, it’s vital that you make sure that you look after your yard or lawn in the right way. That’s just what you can do with our range of services.

We can do all the hard work, so you can enjoy all the rewards. We offer all that you need to really look after your yard or outdoor landscape. Primarily, we offer a selection of lawn control and lawn care services, including lawn mowing San Antonio and weed trimming San Antonio. This is a great way to make lawn care easy, and ensure that you can look after your lawn even if you don’t have time. On top of that, we also provide pressure washing services. Pressure washing is one of the best and most effective ways to clean many of the exterior surfaces around your property, including your driveway, concrete walkways and even the exterior siding of your home.

If you desire a great lawn, there’s a lot of care and maintenance that’s required. However, there’s nothing more important, or central to proper lawn care, than regular mowing. In terms of both overall lawn health and management regular mowing is vital. It can help to encourage better and stronger growth, and is the only way to make sure that your lawn remains neat and tidy, which is important if you want to really project curb appeal. Our lawn mowing service is the easiest and most convenient way to have regular mowing done, as you don’t have to find the time to do it yourself.

Residential and Commercial Lawn Mowing in San Antonio

One of the major, and most important, lawn care services that we provide is lawn mowing San Antonio. Regular mowing is vital part of both yard and lawn care for so many reasons, but it can be real chore. And one that you might not always have time for. Not worry, our service can mow your lawn for you. We can help you maintain a neat and healthy lawn, which can be one of the best ways to really increase the overall curb appeal of your home or property. So, keep your lawn looking its best with our lawn mowing service. ​

Overall Lawn Health and Management

There’s a lot things that are required to keep your lawn healthy. There’s not many things more important than mowing, however. Regular mowing is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn. This is because it encourages stronger and healthier growth, which is great for your lawn overall. It can also help to reduce the chances of any pests problems too. On top of that, the cut grass shoots that will inevitably left behind can even act as a great natural fertilizer, which can also provide your lawn with a real boost. Mowing is also obviously an important part of proper lawn management as well.

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Save Time and Hire a Lawn Service San Antonio Professional

Mowing your lawn is an important part of both yard and lawn care, but this doesn’t mean you always have the time to do it. If you are busy, it can often be really difficult to find the time that’s required to get outside and mow your lawn. We understand that, and that’s why our service is here to help. We can make sure that your lawn is looked after and well maintained, even if you don’t have time for it yourself. So, you don’t need to stress about finding the time for mowing anymore.

Curb Appeal of Your Property

Properly maintaining your lawn is an important part of the curb appeal of your property. If your lawn is unkempt or stating to get too long, this can really draw focus away from your home and the many great features of your home that you’ve worked hard to accentuate. And ​this means all of this effort really goes to waste. Don’t let this happen to your property. Make sure you keep your lawn looking great with our help.

Our San Antonio Lawn Services:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Weed Trimming
  • Lawn Edging
  • Mulch Application

Weed Control and Trimming in San Antonio

Weed trimming San Antonio is another vital lawn care service that we offer. There’s a number of factors that can result in weeds beginning to appear in your lawn. This includes everything from improper mowing or watering or other mistakes during the care process. Whatever has caused the problem, the most important thing is staying on top of it. Weeds can be detrimental to the overall health of your lawn and really impact its appeal. This is why weed trimming is such an important part of lawn care. It’s simply vital if you want to have a healthy lawn that looks great. With our weed trimming service, you can make sure that your lawn is looked after.

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging can turn an already great looking lawn to the next level. There is a clean and sharp appearance from lawns that have this service done and your could be next. We are a veteran owned company and promise to give our work the attention to detail it deserves. We can border off sidewalks, fence lines, outdoor AC units, and any other lawn decorations you will have. We can offer you different types of borders whether it be plastic edging or even brick edging.

Mulch Application

Our pros will offer mulch application as an additional service if desired. Mulch around trees, shrubs, bushes, or flowers can add to how great your plants look. With different colors and types of mulch, it is an easy decision to want to add this to your lawn. The hard part is choosing one that is right for you. We offer a wide variety of mulches so just give us a call and we can find you the best mulch to buy.

Ask one of our experts and we can give a recommendations to better the scheme of the lawn and bring out the potential that has been hidden from your lawn!

Pressure Washing

We offer pressure washing and staining for a variety of things that will have your home feeling brand new again! Our main focus is pressure washing driveways and sidewalks, but just inquire and we can give you a definite answer. We are sure to take our time to keep everything perfect. Our team will go over the job with you prior to us staining to ensure that it is up to your standards so there is zero issues throughout the process. We have different packages that we can offer that pertain to pressure washing that can include soap, high/low pressure washing, and staining.

San Antonio pressure washing can be pretty important dependent on your location. Whether it be a muddy sidewalk or a driveway full of tire marks, we will work out a plan with you to leave you satisfied with the new appearance of your home. This type of work is best left to professionals depending on the skill set of the user. An inexperienced user could unintentionally blast a hole in a concrete driveway leading to further repairs. Feel free to reach out and get your estimate today!

San Antonio Lawn Service

About Us

​Our range of yard maintenance and lawn care services are here to help you ensure that you can always look after your outdoor landscape. Yard and lawn care is an important part of looking after your home, but we know that it’s not always something that you have time for. Mowing, weeding and even general cleaning around your outdoor area can take up a lot of time. Our service can make sure that it all gets done, even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. That’s why our service is so convenient. We can do all the hard work that’s needed to keep your yard well maintained and looking great, and all you need to do is enjoy the end result of our work. What could be easier than that? So, you don’t let time constraints stop you from looking after your lawn or outdoor landscape.

We offer a wide range of lawn care and related landscape services, all of which are designed to help you keep your yard or outdoor area always looking its best. Along with our selection of lawn care services, including both lawn mowing San Antonio and weed trimming San Antonio, we always offer further services such as pressure washing. So, if you need any help keeping things in order in the around your home or property, our service has all that you need. No matter the work we do, we bring real experience and a desire to provide the best results for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical lawn service cost?

San Antonio lawn services vary in cost dependent on lot size, debris in yard, and obstacles to work around. Having a lawn mowed averages around $100-160 per acre dependent on debris needed to be removed. Weed trimming costs around $30-70 per acre and this is dependent on the amount of obstacles to trim around that are in the yard (lawn ornaments, plants, trees, etc.). Of course there are always bundle deals when it comes to a lawn service and if a reoccurring service is requested this may also lower the price. The best option is to speak to one of our lawn care professionals for all questions and info on discounts we may have.

Is it worth it to hire a lawn service San Antonio professional?

The fact of the matter is, the Texas heat is pretty unforgiving and to do a lawn service correctly it will take some time. A professional will completely cut grass and leave little to no shreds on a lawn. Typically our employees will run over the yard twice and stimulate the grass’ growth. Following this there is the trouble of weed trimming the entire lot. Without the proper knowledge and tools, there can be damage to lawn ornaments, skirting, and fences when handling this service. It is always a time and hassle saver to hire a lawn service San Antonio company to make your day easier.

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