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If you are struggling to keep the edges of your grass neat and tidy, lawn edging is the perfect solution for your problem.

Border edging provides excellent touch to the design of your lawn. It makes your yard look more attractive and inviting. Lawn edging can be decorative or use as ground support. While ornamental bordering is more distinctive in providing stylish fringe around flowerbeds, ground support edging provides clean marker lines between different heights of terrains such as in soil and grass.

There are several types of yard edging that you can choose from to make your edging unique, stylish, and durable.

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Adding edging to your lawn is tied in with landscaping some part of your chosen area, restraining soil, and make the ideal space you need. In that capacity, there are numerous varieties of edging to suit the style you have as a main priority. You can go for a type that mixes in with the shade of your grass or soil with plastic edging. For a trendy fringe, there are numerous lovely wooden choices in woven willow or bamboo. A portion of these choices is best for straight, exact completions, while others are adaptable and incredible for bent fringes.

Kinds of Edging
There are particular options that you can select for your dream lawn edge landscape that can add character to your yard.

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  • Brick / Concrete Edging 

Brick or concrete type provides a more formal look to your lawn. 

  • Metal Edging

The metal edging can bestow a commercial look to your lawn. This bordering offers a long-lasting service.

  • Composite Edging

Composite edging is from recycled wood materials and offers a wood grain surface. 

  • Plastic Edging

This type of edging is obtainable in rolls or decorative fence-like styles.

  • Wood Edging

This style has various natural to decorative fence-like range versions that are popular for larger areas. 

Benefits of Lawn Edging

  • It provides a root barrier to restrict lawn grasses from invading the flowerbeds. 
  • It will help you save time in trimming.
  • It increases the curb appeal and provides a polished lawn appearance. 

Types of Edging Tools
There are three types of edging tools that can help you achieve your dream yard landscape goals, and those are motorized handheld edger, walk-behind edger, and manual stick edger. 

  • Motorized Handheld

This tool typically looks like a weed whacker or trimmer. It has a small guide wheel and blade that fringes the turf. It is easier to utilize compared to walk behind and manual stick. The only downside of this is, you need to practice a lot before using this to make your work look great and keep your line street. 

  • Walk-Behind

The walk-behind edger is a motorized device that has a blade on one side, which makes a clean edge and does have a bevel option for slanted look preference. 

  • Manual Stick

The manual stick is an ordinary tool that has a long handle and a serrated wheel at the end. This type of edger will require a bit of work from your part. If you want a better edge, you’ve got to run faster back and forth to attain the result that you want. 

No Time for Edging Your Lawn?
No problem! We offer efficient and economical lawn solutions to help you attain the yard edging that you want to achieve. All you have to do is sit back, watch, and enjoy as our lawn solutions expert do their job.

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