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Lawn mowing requires a bit of work. Nonetheless, maintaining your lawn is advisable for a healthy, vibrant, and pleasant yard.

Numbers of homeowners feel that they need to bring out their mower and start mowing when the grasses look overgrown. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Your lawn needs regular mowing to maintain its beauty.

The following are some of the lawn mowing tips that can help your yard be vibrant and healthy.

Lawn Mowing San Antonio

Lawn Mowing may seem like a simple task, but each time you trim your grass, it will be either a success or failure. Mowing your lawn grooms your turf to be healthy, resistant to drought, and be lush enough to cover the weeds.

Lawn Scalping

By all means, avoid lawn scalping. Aside from it not looking healthy, trimming your grass too short makes the yard weak, sparse, and soil exposed. When this happens, weeds can easily take root to the ground.

A scalped lawn also gets a direct hit from the sun that can boost the growth of weeds. Apart from this, overly trimmed grass has a weak root system that makes it vulnerable to diseases, drought, and weed infestation.

Lawn Mowing San Antonio

Mower blades to leave the grass perfect

A proper lawn mowing involves a sharp mower blade that can efficiently trim grasses for the best result. A sharp razor has a nice and clean grass cut, compared to the jagged, uneven edge of a dull blade. The jagged cuts create an opening for insects and diseases to enter into the grass blade that can develop a whitish or brownish color as the tips of each grass blade die back.

Sharpen your blades a few times during the mowing period. Avoid mowing over stones or thick branches to prevent the mower blade from getting dull or damage. It’s prudent to have an extra mower blade just in case the other one isn’t sharp enough.

Lawn Height for the Best Cuts

Mower height adjustment is another way to help have a healthy lawn even on different weather seasons. Adjust the cutting deck higher during summer to still have a higher grass even after trimming to avoid exposing the soil to direct sunlight that can cause drought and lawn disease. During late autumn, especially in places where winter brings snow cover, lower the cutting deck to prevent snow mold from forming in your turf.

Ideal Mowing for Our Clients

Ideal mowing is when the grass is dry. Although mowing when the grass is wet doesn’t cause any harm, the result of it isn’t as good when you do it when the grass is all dry. Also, mow only when the shade reaches the yard to avoid causing the grass plants to lose more water. Mowing during the heat of the day can affect the grass growth compared to mowing during the time of the day, where the sun heat isn’t scorching.

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Lawn mowing is a great help to have a healthy yard. However, it requires a bit of labor that can be hard for you, or you’re just too busy to attend to it. Our Mowing services company can provide you with highly-experienced lawn mowing professionals that can help you maintain your yard’s vibrancy. Contact us today!

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