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How to Keep Your Lawn in Good Condition

If you’re a homeowner, one of your concerns will be maintaining your grass to keep it vibrant and healthy. But, how do you keep your lawn in good condition?

Keeping your lawn maintained can be a tedious and time-consuming job. Nonetheless, having the needed knowledge beforehand can lessen your time consumption and make the job less tiresome.

See our detailed guide to know how to keep your lawn in good condition.

Ways to Keep Your Lawn in Good Condition


Remove the Weeds

One of the reasons why your lawn isn’t thriving and healthy is because of the existing weeds. Having weeds on your grass divides the nutrients that are all supposed for your grass.  

If you see weeds growing with your grass, remove them carefully. If the weeds are too many for you to handle, buy a herbicide. Make sure to identify the type of weeds in your lawn to buy the kind of herbicide fit for the weeds thriving with your grasses. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply them at the right time of the year. At a minimum we recommend constant weed trimming to maintain them from expanding too fast. 

Watering the Grass

Provide enough moisture to your grass, especially during summer. Sprinkle your grass and the surface of the soil to encourage root growth. Water your lawn during the day as it is the best time to water. Watering your grass during the day saves you water and gives your grass enough time to get dry. Watering during the night leaves your grass wet overnight, which can attract fungi and other moisture-loving molds.

Make sure to water your grass correctly. An improper watered lawn will only promote shallow root growth. 

Place Grass Seeds to Bare Spots

If you see any bare spots on your lawn, place grass seeds between them to cover the exposed areas. You can overseed your lawn with cool-season grass like fescue or rye during early fall or spring and Bermuda or zoysia seed each summer. You can use a seed spreader for even application. Remember to water the seeds to help them grow and flourish.

Use a Sharp Blade

Using a sharp mower blade makes an even, clean cut. Using a dull blade can tear your grass, resulting in yellowish color. This condition takes time to heal and will need regular watering to prevent the worse from happening.

A torn grass is highly susceptible to diseases, the reason why it’s important to prevent using a dull mower blade. The uneven blades aggregate the problem and damage your lawn mower’s bearings. Sharpen your blades at least three times a year to maintain a sharp cutting edge.

Mow Your Grass Appropriately

Healthy grass is attractive, and everyone prefers it, including you and me. But, can you take the time to execute the duties to make this happen? If you don’t have the time or energy to deal with this, you can call a Lawn Care Service In San Antonio to do the work for you.

However, if you’ve got the skill to maintain and take care of your lawn, you can do this yourself. Just avoid scalping your grass. Cut off only 1/3 height of your grass and set your mower’s height to 2-1/12 to 3 inches tall.

Avoid letting your grass grow taller as it can conceal the growth of weeds, which can harm your grass in the process. Change the cutting by a 45 or 90-degree point from your last cut. By doing this, you are preventing soil compaction and helping grow your grass healthily.

Aerate Your Lawn

If you notice your lawn isn’t looking well, it can probably be suffering from compacted soil. Having compacted soil can be likened to a pile of bricks for your grass. This condition prevents your grassroots from growing deeper, making it absorb only little nutrients, resulting in weak grass growth.

To aerate your lawn, check the following steps below.

  • Examine your turf first to affirm soil compaction.
  • Dig at least a square foot section of your yard and examine the roots.
  • If the roots aren’t at least two inches extended, this suggests that you’ll need to have your lawn aerated.
  • Water down your grass for a day or two before aeration.
  • Run the aerator at least once over your yard.
  • Apply compost or sand over your aerated lawn.

Aeration is vital, so your grass can have enough oxygen, water, and nutrients. These components are the factors that help your grass thrive and healthy. When you have compacted soil, the delivery of oxygen, water, and nutrients is restricted. Thus, resulting in shallow root growth. With aeration, the removal of small plugs in the soil is encouraged. 

Find some of the benefits of aeration below.

  • Better air to soil interaction

  • Deep penetration of water to the soil

  • Reduce soil compaction

  • Provides space for root growth


In any yard, thatch material gathers around the base of the grass plants. Thatch isn’t made of mowed lawn clippings, as others have believed. It involves culms and crowns that have died ordinarily. If there’s a lot of thatch in your yard, rake it up or lease a power dethatcher.

Battling Grass Disease 

Typically, fungi are the root cause of an infected yard by benefiting from your grass. Healthy grass can fight harmful organisms such as fungi. However, it creates diseases from time to time. You can fight these diseases by using a fungicide. Visit your garden center and ask for a fungicide for your garden. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimum results.

Lawn care can get complicated from time to time. There are just many things that you need to remember and follow to prevent harming your grass. Nonetheless, the result of your effort is well-paid as you see your grass vibrant from a distance. 

Maintaining your lawn requires your time, dedication, and effort. However, there will always be a time when you don’t have time to take good care of your grass. It could be that you’re too busy with your work, or you don’t have enough energy to deal with this task. Either way, you can always contact a Lawn Care Service in San Antonio to shoulder this task.

We have been helping the homeowners in San Antonio to care for and maintain their lawns. We use industry-grade equipment and follow the latest practices for the best mowing results. Our services are affordable and guarantee favorable results!

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